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Robert Jones, M.D.

Clinical Staff Member

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I have practiced psychiatry for over 35 years in the Bay Area and have extensive experience working with the full range and severity of psychiatric diagnoses.


I first graduated with a BA in political science from Auburn university, I attended Tulane University Law School in New Orleans where I received a JD decree.  On returning to my home state of Alabama I practiced law concentrating on civil rights issues. I became aware of the adverse impact of legal, social and economic problems on my client’s health both physical and mental.  This led me to attended Loyola Medical School in Chicago.

On completing medical school, the first years of my residency were at Herrick Hospital in Berkeley. Then I went on to finish my residency and stayed on as a staff member and unit chief at Chestnut Lodge Hospital in Rockville, Maryland, known for treatment of severe psychiatric problems.

When I returned to the bay area, I was first medical director of a residential treatment program. Then moved on to John George Psychiatric Pavilion where I served as Director of the Inpatient Service, Chairman and Medical Director, working with difficult and complex psychiatric problems. 

I tired of struggling with politicians to improve and increase support and resources for mental health treatment. So, I moved on to work with a Kaiser outpatient clinic. I worked in the clinic for 17 years treating a wide range of problems. This was a change from the more severe illnesses I had worked with before. It was a pleasure and privilege to follow patients for many years there.

Now I have come to Berkeley Therapy Institute where I continue this work without the limitations imposed by large health care bureaucracies. I very much enjoy my work and hope to meet and get to know you.

I am married and now a happy and proud grandfather. My other interests are art, music (jazz and rock), science fiction, baseball and meditation.

Robert Jones, MD

Berkeley Therapy Institute


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