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Robert Dolgoff, M.D.

Clinical Staff Member

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Dr. Bob Dolgoff, the BTI Medical Director, is a board certified psychiatrist who has subspecialty boards in geriatric psychiatry.   Bob’s interest in medicine started early.   When he was in his late teens he worked summers as an psychiatric adjunctive therapist at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas.   He attended Harvard College where he majored in English literature.  He is a graduate of  Harvard Medical School; his psychiatric training was at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx Municipal Hospital Center.   


After completing his training he worked as an emergency room doctor at a rural California hospital.  At one time he was the physician at a methadone maintenance clinic.  Eventually he landed at Berkeley Therapy Institute where he felt at home and never left.  


Bob is a former Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.  For many years he practiced outpatient psychiatry at BTI while also working as an inpatient psychiatrist at the Herrick campus of Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley where he  served as Medical Director for Mental Health Services.  

Bob is interested in international psychiatry and founded Doctor to Doctor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to  providing assistance to health professionals in low income countries around the world.   Now Bob practices outpatient psychiatry in Berkeley, for now all on zoom.  At BTI he has taught trainees for many years.    Bob has an enduring interest in psychotherapy as well as in psychopharmacology.   He values talking and real connections with people  so sessions with Bob are not limited to medication management!

Bob Dolgoff, MD
Medical Director

Berkeley Therapy Institute


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