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Psychotherapy Support Group for Adults with Physical Disabilities

This disability psychotherapy group was established nearly two decades ago by Berkeley Therapy Institute in concert with community activists.  Some of the aspects of the group include: interpersonal relationships, coping with anxiety, depression and stress, decreasing isolation, sharing joys and successes and physical challenges.


This group is unique in that it incorporates supportive and process oriented therapies.  The process oriented function of the group provides a social microcosm allowing group members an opportunity to learn valuable insights about themselves. The group provides members with a safe place to be seen and heard by other community members coping with the unique struggles associated with physical disabilities. 


Another quality of this group is that it offers members an opportunity to both provide and receive guidance from one another.  The group meets one afternoon a week for an hour and a half.

This group is supported in part by the generosity of the Anna Rose Whitaker Family Fund.

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