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Marcelle Trzcinski

PsyD Clinical Psychology Candidate

Predoctoral Intern, Berkeley Therapy Institute

Marcelle Trzcinski v1.jpg

I believe that in an integrative approach to therapy. Taking into account the effects of differences in power and the impact of social issues such as gender, sexuality, race, class, and culture, I work to understand and transform how people’s mental and emotional health is impacted and can be improved.
A goal of mine is to co-create a therapeutic relationship that allows for an experience of respect and equal engagement that is essential to the foundation of change and exploration for a person. This dynamic approach to therapy allows me to address a myriad of issues and helps in creating meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in the lives of my clients. I help folx identify themes and patterns of feeling/thinking that create barriers to having healthy relationships to the self and with others. I place an emphasis on meeting the client where they are at and expanding in ways that are attuned to their needs and experiences in their social, cultural, and personal context.
I have experience working with children, adult individuals, and couples with an emphasis on LGBTQIA+ issues.
Marcelle Trzcinski, MA Predoctoral Intern
(510) 841-8484 ext. 1170
Insurance Accepted: Alameda Alliance

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