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Lily Cardasis

PsyD Clinical Psychology Candidate

Predoctoral Intern, Berkeley Therapy Institute

Lily Cardasis v1.jpg

I hold a Master's degree in Community Mental Health and am currently a Doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Originally an East Coast native, I have been living and working in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years as both an elementary/middle school educator and a child, family, and adult counselor. I bring to my work a strong valuing of social and racial justice issues, and strive to approach those I serve from a position of deep respect and culturally responsive support. In my free time I enjoy cooking Greek recipes passed down through my family, drawing and painting, hiking and exploring the Bay Area, and engaging with the activist movements surrounding me in Oakland. 


My approach to therapy is integrative, so I adjust the particular tools, methods, and emphases I rely on based on each client's unique needs and requests. In general, I am informed and inspired by psychodynamic and depth-oriented methods, Liberation Psychology, and Jungian approaches. I believe that each person has an inherent strength and resilience within them, and therapy is a place to build greater access to both these internal as well as external and cultural resources. 


I have experience working with youth and adults of all ages as well as couples and families, and am particularly passionate about supporting LGBTQ+/polyamorous people and communities. Additionally, I'm familiar with issues relating to depression, anxiety, relationship trauma, family dynamics, and systemic oppression. I see my role as your therapist as not only being a supportive presence and a deep listener, but also a willing advocate who will go the extra mile for you when needed. I am an authentic and open person, irreverent at times, comical at times, perhaps even direct, challenging, or confrontational at times - but above all, I will be by your side and on your side, no matter what. 


Insurance Accepted: Alameda Alliance

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