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Jennifer Casper, PsyD.

Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Interns

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I am a postdoctoral trainee registered as a psychological assistant (lic#: 94025590). I am supervised by Dr. Rima Dolgoff-Kaspar (PSY25787) and Dr. Hilary Goldstine (PSY6548). I recently graduated from Alliant’s California School of Professional Psychology with a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Before coming to BTI, I trained in residential treatment, community, college, and integrated healthcare settings.
I use a combination of approaches in psychotherapy as a way of reflecting and honoring the complexity of the human experience. I hold a space in which others can feel heard as they process their thoughts and feelings and as we collaborate to be curious about their experience. My work focuses on the therapeutic relationship, understanding and addressing how past experiences influence present experiences, and helping modify present ways of coping that may no longer be constructive. I want to continually work to address how power, privilege, marginalization, and intersectional identities are experienced and show up in relationships. I work most with issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, body image, and eating disorders.
I can accept Aetna, Medical (Alameda  Alliance), Medicare, Cigna, Blue Cross, and UC Ship insurances as well as out-of-pocket payment.
(510) 841-8484 ext. 1182

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