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Chehrzad Shadman, PsyD

Director of Training


Chehrzad uses an integrative approach to therapy, which combines relational, multicultural, humanistic and psychodynamic philosophies.


As an Iranian-American female she believes in the impact of one’s culture—be it related to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, family, etc.—on how an individual develops and sees the world.  


The work she does with each of her clients is unique to who they are and what they need because no two people are alike. Chehrzad believes in an inviting and client-focused approach to therapy that engenders rapport and trust in the therapeutic setting and that also puts the client’s needs above all else. This is paramount in allowing the therapy to deepen.


One of the most important goals in therapy is to engender curiosity. Chehrzad uses her own curiosity to help nurture in her clients a deeper sense of curiosity in themselves. By being curious, playful and creative, Chehrzad believes an individual can start to learn more about themself and what it is they want to work on and explore. 

Chehrzad currently works with:

•    Children
•    Teens
•    Adults

Chehrzad’s clinical interests include:

•    Sexuality and issues pertaining to sexual identity
•    Multicultural issues and identity development
•    Immigration and immigrant culture
•    Anxiety and depression
•    Academia and academic stress
•    Aging
•    Gender orientation
•    Trauma
•    Family systems
•    Dream interpretation
•    Play therapy

B.A., UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 2002
M.A., General Psychology, NYU, New York, NY, 2010
PsyD, Clinical Psychology, CIIS, San Francisco, CA 2019


Chehrzad Shadman, PsyD

Berkeley Therapy Institute


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