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Charlene Hanson, Psychiatric NP

Clinical Staff Member

BA Psychology, UCSD
RN license, Merritt College
Board Certified

I am a dedicated Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner offering supportive psychotherapy combined with medication management across the lifespan, trained in working with pediatric, teen and adult populations.  I have 20+ years working in health care settings.  

I began my career working in women’s health, supporting at-risk populations in navigating reproductive care.  Following this I worked as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in the ICU, multitasking and managing complex medical and emergency scenarios.  These experiences bring a level of medical understanding that adds to the holistic approach in my psychiatric practice, integrating pharmacology and mental health care needs.

I believe it’s important to have a collaborative working relationship.  I will never push medications.  Rather together we will explore the pros and cons of medication management, always supporting your wants and needs.  In addition to medication, we can explore supplements and vitamins that have shown to help mental health outcomes.  

I have skills and training that I am available to offer.  I liken this to a tool box and I will share the tools I know how to use.

“In the hour of adversity be not without hope

  For crystal rain falls from black clouds”.

                              Persian poem

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