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The Berkeley Therapy Institute recognizes that forces of systemic oppression create mental health disparities, as well as barriers to accessing mental healthcare, that differently impact members of our community. Studies have shown that marginalization (e.g. being impacted by systemic racism, sexism, transphobia) leads to increases in symptoms like depression, anxiety, and stress, but these same groups can also face more barriers to accessing care. Our clinicians and staff stand in solidarity with those whose lives have been impacted by systemically oppressive forces like racism, sexism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination. We believe that marginalized communities deserve equitable access to mental healthcare so that they can pursue fulfilling lives and live in peace. We are also united by our belief in a society that works to correct these systemic injustices, which will reduce mental health disparities in the long term.


We as clinicians are committed to the lifelong work of continually advancing our learning and growth so that we can be your allies. We invite everyone in our community to stand alongside us in our expression of commitment to social justice, to action that supports the wellness of those impacted by systemic oppression.

Please be safe and kind to one another.

In solidarity,

The Clinicians and Staff of the Berkeley Therapy Institute


The Berkeley Therapy Institute (BTI) is a licensed non-profit community mental health clinic, and has been serving the Bay Area since 1972. 

Our licensed clinical staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, as well as marriage and family therapists.

PLEASE NOTE: All clinicians are now able to offer teletherapy or telemedicine.  Most insurance plans now cover these practices.

We occupy three buildings across the street from each other with comfortable, wheelchair-accessible offices on Martin Luther King Jr. Way in North Berkeley, California.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Our Mission Statement


The Berkeley Therapy Institute strives to provide excellent service to our patients and to the community.  We come together as a group with the conviction that, through the services we provide, individuals can heal, grow and flourish.  BTI is committed to treating all individuals equally, respectfully and with dignity, without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, nation of origin, gender, age, and hierarchical position.  The BTI community values flexibility, equanimity, and a willingness to place the good of the group above individual interests.  Members of BTI act with generosity, compassion, and kindness.  This is our goal within our organization, with our patients, and with the community. 

The Berkeley Therapy Institute provides a broad range of mental health services to the community, including the following:

individual psychotherapy

group psychotherapy

couples therapy

family therapy

sex therapy

psychiatric evaluation and treatment

educational services for the community

forensic consultation and evaluation

ADHD and learning disability evaluation

neuropsychological evaluation


We also provide education and training to interns and post-doctoral fellows, including supervision, didactic training, and direct clinical experience.

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