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Maureen Smith

Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Interns

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I have a special interest working with people who are faced with the unexpected. My approach is rooted in humanistic and positive psychology. I feel that there is tremendous value in meeting a person with unconditional positive regard.

In working with children, I have experience with individuals who are struggling with ADHD and other learning differences; who are having social difficulties at school; or, who have developmental challenges as a result of trauma.

When working with adolescents and young adults, I help to support them through the anxieties of taking the next step in one's personal development.

For adults, I work with individuals who are parenting a struggling child; experiencing infertility; working through the adoption process; or are having difficulties in their personal or professional relationships.

Before working for Berkeley Therapy Institute, I was a primary therapist with the Child Therapy Institute of Marin working with children and adults. I have also worked as a school counselor in Marin elementary, middle and high schools; and at a local university. I have experience working in an eating recovery center helping clients and their families recover from eating disorders.

Working with BTI, I am meeting my final requirements for a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, I am interested in conducting ADHD and other neuro-psychological evaluations for both adults and adolescents. 

I received a bachelor’s in arts from Scripps College in Claremont, California and a master’s in counseling psychology from Dominican University in San Rafael, California. Before seeking a career in psychotherapy, I worked for 20 years in technical sales and marketing and earned my master’s in business administration.

1181  Maureen Smith, LMFT

Berkeley Therapy Institute


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