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Jordan Hazzard

Pre-Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Interns


I am a registered psychological associate at Berkeley Therapy Institute, supervised by James Norwood, Psy.D. and Daniel Goldstine, Ph.D.. I completed a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. My first clinical training experience was as an art therapist in the neonatal intensive care and oncology wards at University of Washington Medical Center. Since then, I have focused on developing competency in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at Davis Street Family Resource Center in San Leandro, Psychological Services Center in San Francisco, and Community Institute for Psychotherapy in San Rafael. 
My approach to psychotherapy is informed by contemporary and relational psychoanalysis. I assist people in better understanding how their past experiences have contributed to their present difficulties so that they may be liberated from the repetition of old patterns and free to respond to life’s challenges in more adaptive ways. I am skilled in working with survivors of complex trauma, abuse, and/or neglect; people who are experiencing difficulties with relationships, intimacy, and /or isolation; parents who would like to better understand and respond to the developmental needs of their children; immigrants; people who are navigating transitions and changes in gender identity; people who are navigating personal and relational changes associated with aging; people who would like to explore and make meaning of their cultural background; and people who experience frequent nightmares and/or who would otherwise like to better understand their dreams.

Jordan Hazzard

Berkeley Therapy Institute


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