Chelsea Sarai, PsyD.

Clinical Staff Member

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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and my practice is committed to supporting individuals across the lifespan.

Perhaps you’re feeling disconnected from yourself or others, or going through a life transition that seems unmanageable. Maybe you’re just tired of old patterns that don’t work anymore. A psychologist can help you develop the tools to get through this challenge.

I am passionate about helping individuals get to know themselves better to feel more connected in the world and lead more supported lives. My style is warm, direct, and engaging. I believe that building a strong and trusting relationship will be essential in our work together.

COVID-19 Update: I am currently offering Telehealth services via video or phone.
My approach:
I believe therapy is most effective when there is a supportive, dynamic and authentic relationship between client and clinician. A primary motivation for human beings is relationship, therefore therapy is fostered in the context of the relationship.

Keeping in mind each of my client’s unique realities, I tailor treatment based on the individual’s presented needs. I utilize a variety of psychodynamic, systems, mindfulness philosophies, and cognitive-behavioral techniques to understand your life experiences and how they have led to your feeling unhappy, lost, or confused, and ultimately seeking therapy.

I believe that understanding the past can help us grow in the present. I work through a social justice lens— exploring our relationship to our family and cultural background is integral to understanding how we relate to the world.

My therapeutic style is centered around respect and empathy. I aim to help you alleviate your pain and become more aware of your feelings and patterns of relating to yourself and to others.
Chelsea Sarai, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY 32481
Berkeley Therapy Institute 
(510) 841-8484 ext. 1153
Pronouns: she/her